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The Fight for Rights Tour Gift Certificate

This is a gift certificate for The Fight for Rights Tour.


Welcome to our Fight for Rights Tour. On this tour we'll cover many of the major landmarks from the Civil Rights era in Birmingham. Join us as we learn about the ACMHR, the KKK, and a whole host of organizations battling for power, control, and the fate of the Magic City.

We'll take a look at where Bull Connor reigned and where Fred Shuttlesworth prayed. As we learn how Communism shaped the Movement, we'll see where a First Lady was treated like a second class citizen and the home of the "Dixiecrat" Convention. Finally, we'll follow the footsteps of attacking Klansmen and walk the streets of the determined marchers. 


Chasing racism all over town, we'll learn how it impacted everyone each and every day. Replay where bombs blew up and what happened when segregation finally fell on our Fight for Rights Tour. 


For more information on this tour please visit here.

The Fight for Rights Tour Gift Certificate

  • After ordering a gift certificate, please provide order details to gift receiver. This information will be needed to reserve a spot on a tour in the future. The gift receiver will need to bring a copy of email purchase confirmation in either paper form or have on phone for the tour. 

  • All you need to do to use your gift certificate is email us here.  Let us know your order number, address of order, and the date you would like to join us. We'll handle everything else. 

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