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The Red Hammer in the Iron City

Communists? In Birmingham, AL? That's exactly right, Comrade. 

Just in time for May Day, this tour will march around Birmingham visiting sites where members of the Communist Party began what they hoped would be Communist Revolution for our city, and eventually America. We'll see where the Communists protested and paraded, and clashed with police and the KKK.

We’ll follow in the footsteps of the Communists of Birmingham, visiting the headquarters and hangouts of the Reds during the 1930’s and 40’s. We’ll see where Communists held May Day rallies and mass meetings, all while the police watched, waiting to attack.  

We’ll drive by the home of a couple of comrades and learn about living as a local party member. You’ll hear Communist songs popular with party members and see churches Communists visited to spread a different kind of gospel.


If you're bold enough, brave enough, or RED enough to learn about Communism here in Birmingham, click the Hammer and Sickle.

More details below...

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The Fine Print
  • We will attempt to visit the following sites: Linn Park, Bethel Baptist Church, Lyric Theater, Quinlan Castle, the Angela Davis house, Black Business District, Kelly Ingram Park, site of the Jane Speed Bookstore, and the Communist Party Headquarters here in Birmingham. Unforeseen circumstances may alter our set plan, but we will attempt to add another location if one is not available​.

  • This can only be booked as a private tour, so please contact us directly.

  • For those staying in Birmingham, we will pick you up from any downtown hotel location or a downtown Airbnb.  If you have any questions about whether your place is in downtown, please contact us directly. 

  • The ticket cost covers all transportation between stops, perhaps a souvenir or two and a drop off back at the starting point or hotel. 


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