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Get to know why we're so proud of our pork, why our swine is divine, why our sauce is boss, and why the sorriest guy in town makes the best 'Q around.

Alabama BBQ has a history just as long and delicious as anybody else.  This tour allows you to sample four of the top 100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die, and we are only covering BBQ.

On the tour we'll try a couple of

sauces famous throughout the entire

BBQ community. We'll try each sauce

with it's preferred partner, be it pork

or poultry.


We'll try the best side dishes to

accompany any BBQ party, one of

which is unlike anything else you'll try

in town. And we'll top it all off with a

couple of desserts, one only made in 

Alabama and the other perfected


We'll also grab some extra tasty treats and cold beer along the way, but if we tell it all to you now, you'll have nothing else to be excited about. 

More info below...

Bham BBQ Tour

The Fine Print

  • The tours begin promptly at 2:00. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to ensure we are able to begin on time. We leave Railroad Park at 2:10 and cannot accommodate arrivals past that point. Refunds or discounts will not be given to late arrivals. 

  • We will attempt to cover three BBQ establishments each tour, but unforeseen circumstances may alter our set plan. 

  • Your ticket cost covers a set menu of food, drink, and tip at each restaurant. Each restaurant is different and our time at each is also different, which determines how much we stay, eat, and drink.


  • You will have an opportunity to purchase additional food, beverages, or merchandise at each ​location if desired.

  • The ticket cost covers all transportation between restaurants and a drop off back at Railroad park. We finish where we started. ​​​

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Price - $55 | Time - 9:45 AM | Days- Mon-Sat
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