AIZEN Private Civil Rights Tour

Price - $60 | Length - 3 hours | Language - English & français

Welcome to the Fight for Rights Tour, our Civil Rights tour in Birmingham. On this 3-hour walking and bus tour in English and français, we'll cover many of the major landmarks from the Civil Rights era in Birmingham, AL. Join us as we learn about the ACMHR, the KKK, and a whole host of organizations battling for power, control, and the fate of the Magic City.

We'll take a look at where Bull Connor reigned and where Fred Shuttlesworth prayed. As we learn how Communism shaped the Movement, we'll see where a First Lady was treated like a second class citizen and the home of the "Dixiecrat" Convention. Finally, we'll follow the footsteps of attacking Klansmen and walk the streets of the determined marchers. 


Chasing racism all over town, we'll learn how it impacted everyone each and every day. Replay where bombs blew up and what happened when segregation finally fell on our Fight for Rights Tour. 

More details below and a list of places we typically visit on this tour...

The Fine Print
  • The tour will begin at 9:45 AM in front of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. There is free parking around the institute. 

  • We will attempt to visit the following sites: Linn Park, Boutwell Auditorium, Bethel Baptist Church, Phillips High School, Freedom Riders attack site, Black Business District, Kelly Ingram Park, Gaston Motel, and 16th Street Baptist Church. Unforeseen circumstances may alter our set plan, but we will attempt to add another location if one is not available.   

  • If you would prefer to pay with Venmo instead of a credit card, please click here.

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